Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vintage St Martha and St Raphael Religious Medal

Vintage- St Martha and St Raphael religious medal. I believe this is a modern religious medal. The medal measures approximately 1 inch tall including the bail.

St Martha is the patron saint of butlers; cooks; dietitians; domestic servants; homemakers; hotel-keepers; housemaids; housewives; innkeepers; laundry workers; maids; manservants; servants; servers; single laywomen; travelers; and Villajoyosa, Spain.

while St Raphael (the archangel) is the patron saint of apothecaries; blind people; bodily ills; eye problems; guardian angels; happy meetings; insanity; lovers; mental illness; nightmares, nurses; pharmacists; physicians; shepherds; sick people; travelers and young people. (taken from Wikipedia).

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  1. It is nice to know this information. But what materials do this medallion is made of? It really looks great. Thanks anyway for sharing this info.