Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Antique Genuine Military Issue World War 1 Ball Chain Pull Chain Trench Rosary Soldiers Rosary

This is a rare genuine, military issued World War 1 ball chain rosary- sometimes referred to as a trench rosary. This rosary was issued to Catholic soldiers during World War 1 and has the original rosary connector and crucifix. The connector has two issues I want to point out that can be seen in picture #4. One connecting ring is missing and this is an easy fix to reattach the chain to the connector on the left side. On the right side top you will see that the bail on this side of the connector has a break in it but it is still attached and care would need to be exercised when handling this rosary. It is an almost 100 year old rosary that has been through World War 1 and is in wonderful condition otherwise. This rosary measures 16inches long when measured as a drop.

I have been collecting and selling online for 6 years and this is only the second military ball chain rosary I have come across personally.

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