Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Creed STERLING St Patrick & St Bridget Medal or Charm Saints of Ireland

Vintage religious medal marked Creed Sterling on the back - measures approximately 15/16ths of an inch tall with the bail. The front shows St. Patrick- the back St. Bridget.

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, Nigeria, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, Boston, Missouri (USA), engineers, paralegals, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne; and is invoked against snakes, sins, and witchcraft.

St Bridget is the patron saint of babies, blacksmiths, boatmen, cattle, chicken farmers, children whose parents are not married, children with abusive fathers, children born into abusive unions, Clan Douglas, dairymaids, dairy workers, fugitives, infants, Ireland, Leinster, mariners, midwives, milk maids, nuns, poets, poor, poultry farmers, poultry raisers, printing presses, sailors, scholars, travelers, and watermen. (taken from Wikipedia).

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