Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vintage Spina Cristi Rosary Reliquary Cross With 3 Relics Saint Dominic Agnus Dei Catacombs

This vintage/antique rosary is made up of spina cristi and ends in a reliquary crucifix. The crucifix opens with a screw- which works well. Inside are 3 relics, the strips of paper are partially covered by the relics so I am guessing (educated guess) as two of the relics. The main strip reads Lignum arboris S. P. Dominici which translates from Latin to The wood from the tree of Holy Father Dominic. Portions of the word Agnus can be seen and I believe would probably read Agnus Dei and refer to piece of wax in the center. Also there is a small bit of dirt on the right side and I believe this is dirt from the Roman catacombs. The crucifix is 1 & 3/4ths inches tall with the bail and the screw intact. This is a beautiful reliquary cross rosary and it is in good condition.

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